The Virtua Team Profile (VTP) collects information from your responses to items, and returns an overall analysis of your virtual team and how useful one of our virtual teaming programs may be for them. This survey is a simplified version that combines some items from our 4 instruments:

Please respond to each item by either clicking on a check box (click all responses that apply) or a radio button (choose only one response that best represents your situation).

The average person takes 10 minutes to complete the following 5 pages of about 50 items.





When finished, you will receive a graphical profile that assesses your virtual team based on the information you shared. An example of one possible output is shown opposite, where:

I = Interactions (unexpected volatile combinations of humans and technologies)

T = technology (the online communication tools that virtual teams use most often)

W = teamWork (the group dynamics, conflicts, and difficulties that virtual teams endure)

B = Barriers (the issues of geography, time, culture, politics, that virtual teams face)

This profile is scored on these 4 dimensions and each ranges from 0 (no concern) to 100 (extreme concern). The smaller the shaded area is within the profile, the lesser is the need for virtual teaming programs; while the larger the shaded area is, the greater the need is for a program.

Based on your responses, a recommendation will also be made about the type of program that might be most appropriate or beneficial for your virtual team. CLICK HERE for a summary and comparison of our 4 virtual teaming program types: Bonding, Insight, Building, and Renewal.

At the end, you will also be given three options: print, close, or contact. You may print a copy of your profile, close the window to end the session, or send your profile to us with a request to be contacted for further discussion. No permanent record of any information you enter here will be retained, unless you specifically request CONTACT after reading and/or printing your results from the final screen. Therefore, you can complete this survey, secure in the knowledge that your privacy will be protected.





As you complete this survey, please imagine the virtual team you normally work with or the collection of all virtual teams in your company and respond to questions accordingly.Answer these questions to the best of your ability or knowledge and feel free to leave blank any question that you do not wish to answer.

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To end this session, simply close this window.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the VTP, please feel free to send us

to info@virtualteamworks.com

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