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Our company builds virtual teams, develops global leaders, and trains electronic facilitators. We use our unique brand of internet experiential learning and your choice of online communication technologies.

VIRTUAL TEAMS (of two or more members) work together on aligned tasks, maintain healthy relationships, and use online communication to overcome barriers of geography, time, language, and culture.

ONLINE COMMUNICATION technologies include: chat, email, fax, whiteboard, telephone, video,web browsers, and other conferencing tools.

GLOBAL LEADERS of virtual teams ensure that these technologies enable rather than disable team members by addressing the interactions between humans and technology, as well as managing team tasks and team relationships.

ELECTRONIC FACILITATORS enhance virtual team performance by guiding members to reflect on their teamwork processes such as trust, communication, collaboration, problem solving, decision making, planning, and leadership.

Rather than hold meetings and simply talk about teamwork, our programs present virtual teams with the chance to practice these teamwork processes through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.

Experiential learning is a cycle of action, reflection, integration, and continuation using custom exercises, activities, or simulations. These experiences are sufficiently different from work in order to constrain old behaviors, while are also metaphorically similar enough to work so as to allow new learning to transfer back to the job.

As a founding member of the Virtual Teamworking Alliance, our experts work with partner companies to address customers' needs through a worldwide network of facilitators, who speak many languages.

Based on an interactive philosophy, we provide services in virtual teaming, global leadership development, or electronic facilitator training through a range of programs. We also offer program support and a variety of products.

This website provides access to homework, photographs, and surveys for people involved in our programs. It also has direct access for our staff to obtain resources like eBooks or software

Lastly, we believe that, for most corporations, virtual teaming is beneficial and cost effective in reducing travel expenses. Therefore, we offer programmatic evidence of case studies, research, and testimonials for you to consider.

We hope you will seek further information. Please contact us by email, view an animated tour (to learn more about programming), or take the virtual team profile (to assess your virtual team's need).

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