virtualteamworks.com sold its direct delivery services in 2005

& consulted to corporations or competing providers until 2020



Virtualteamworks.com (VTWX.com) has evolved through two versions and is investigating a third. 

Ver 1.0: From 1997 to 2005, VTWX.com provided direct delivery of virtual team-building events, electronic facilitator training, and global leadership development.  All programs utilized online communication tools and experiential learning methods.  State-of-the-art contents and processes were decades ahead of their time and without equal.  This website is a snapshot in time, taken at the height of program productivity, just before direct delivery elements of the company were sold to a European competitor.  It is preserved here as an indicator of what was possible around the turn of the century.

Ver 2.0: From 2005 to 2020, the company morphed into providing training and development services for the operators who rose to copy this approach.  Instead of offering programs, VTWX.com began sharing technology, techniques, and events with other providers who had chosen to compete with the original programs.  Some VTWX staff will continue to offer consulting services to those who request them.

Ver 3.0: Today, and for the next decade to come, VTWX.com is evolving toward another new level of service.  Watch this page for future announcements of new directions for 2020.

With the advent of COVID-19 and other novel infections that will inevitably follow, many face-to-face providers are switching to virtual teambuilding. We stand ready to help you make this transition with free advice and ongoing consultation. Please contact me directly. Thanks.

Simon Priest, PhD
Past President & Chief Executive Officer


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