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ISBN: 1-932298-10-X


20 photos

92 pages

33 maps



This guide describes a 40 mile journey, with 14 legs between 15 points of interest during a circumnavigation of the Key Peninsula. The book details each of the 15 points and 14 legs; and gives you all the information you need to navigate, rest, camp, and enjoy nature.
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Sample Map & Directions


Caril Ridley has lectured widely on adventuring, volunteered for public watershed conservation, and trained with the 1972 US Olympic Kayak Team. Her experiences as a world traveler, anthropologist, and whitewater paddler have ranged across fifty countries. She was the first person to run the origin of the Amazon River, while on the 1982 Cousteau Amazon Expedition.

Dr. Simon Priest moved to the Key Peninsula after retiring from his first career as a university professor. Today, he writes and consults for corporations around the world on topics related to virtual teamwork. His love of kayaking comes from a combination of whitewater paddling experience and living on the beach. An avid outdoorsperson, he has written over a dozen books


Preface & Legend


The Route

A = Allyn Dock, Port of

B = Vaughn Bay Boat Ramp

C = Stretch Point State Park

D = Dutcher Cove State Park

E = Herron Point County Park (ferry terminal)

F = Joemma Beach State Park

G = Devil's Head DNR Beach

H = Eagle Island State Marine Park

I = Pitt Island (private property)

J = Penrose Point State Park

K = Maple Hollow (DNR) Picnic Beach

L = Kopachuck State Park

M = Cutts Island State Marine Park

N = Glen Cove (private access with permission only)

O = Purdy Sandspit County Park Boat Ramp

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