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for Group Activities

one CD & one DVD



What does this set include?

  • An interactive CD that follows a step-by-step process for learning how to develop metaphors, exercises, recipes, and additional resources.
  • An interactive DVD that enhances the CD by providing visual examples of the step-by-step process and comments from professional experiential educators.

What is a metaphor for group activities?

  • A way of facilitating group activities that helps participants make deeper and richer connections between the activity and their goals.
  • A way of maximizing transfer of learning to real life situations.

Who needs this CD & DVD?

  • Anyone interested in enriching group activities or training others to do so …..
  • Professors, teachers, students
  • Facilitators, consultants, trainers, supervisors
  • Therapists, counselors, social workers
  • Camp directors, youth workers, recreation leaders

How might I use this CD & DVD?

  • This set is a curriculum. It defines concepts, provides written and visual examples that are immediately useful, and offers thought provoking exercises for learning how to develop metaphors for group activities.
  • This set is a workshop in a case. It may be used in whole or in part as a series of experiences for staff training, professional development, or to supplement a course of study related to the use of group activities in recreation, education, training and development, or therapeutic settings.
Inside the CD

The CD is the instructional workbook. It contains parts that interact directly with the DVD and some that are intended to enhance learning in other ways. The CD includes:

  • A Table of Contents that is linked to corresponding sections in the workbook. 
  • Four types of workbook sections. 
  • Scenes refer to video clips on the DVD that enhance instructional use of this workbook. There are three types of scenes:
1. Process scenes include thinking metaphorically, Mike Gass' seven step model for creating metaphors, and terminology.
2. Facilitators Speak scenes are clips of facilitators speaking about a concept or topic.
3. Sampler scenes are clips of activity roles plays acted by the group that developed the metaphor.
  • Exercises are suggestions to help teach a specific topic. 
  • Recipes are metaphors for group activities developed by the original workshop groups.  Sample Recipes are used in conjunction with exercises. Complete Recipes are included in part three of the workbook where they are divided into three applications:  Education, Training and Development, and Therapeutic. 
  • Exercise Handouts are single page versions of the exercises. They are offered in this format so that they can be used as worksheets or changed to suit instructional needs.
  • Additional Resources is a list of books, articles, CDs, and web pages for further reading. It is a lengthy list; however we acknowledge that it is limited. Use it as a starting point!
Inside the DVD

A picture is worth a thousand words. The moving pictures on the DVD capture elements of practice, conversations with practitioners, and groups offering the results of their own creative process. Some are priceless, others are insightful, and some are not perfect! Used with the CD, they offer visuals that enhance concepts and exercises. They offer stand-alone start and end points for discussion and, in some cases, interpretation of recipes.

When you open the DVD you will see three Frames:

1. Play Video is a moving frame. Click on it and the entire DVD will run. Start, stop, pause, reverse, and forward as needed. Subtitles are matched to sections on the CD.

2. Scene Selection is a still frame. Click on it and the first of five scene selection pages will appear. Each page includes six scene selection frames. Scene selection frames are matched to sections and exercises on the CD.

3. Slide Show is a still picture of Karl Rohnke. Click on it and a slide show of master chefs, group facilitators, and attendees who participated in the original workshop will start. This feature provides a good backdrop and face recognition for a workshop.

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