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This is my personal hybrid ePortfolio. It showcases my professional body of creative work and traces three decades of my evolution from outdoor academic (1986-1997), through entrepreneurial executive (1996-2005), to expert in teaching and learning technology for higher education (2004-today).

Educated in the sciences, I started as a professor in outdoor leadership and experiential learning. This led me to research and facilitate programs of executive leadership development and corporate team-building by outdoor or experiential training methods. These interests enabled me to start a successful dotcom for elearning, electronic facilitation, facilitative leadership, and virtual team-building by online experiential training methods. Upon successful sale of the company, I returned to higher education as an administrator and to business as a consultant in adult learning, disruptive/emerging technologies, and teaching excellence.

Contained in the first 5 menus, a visitor can find the models and theories that most people request (arranged under their respective paired titles as per the above evolution). The sixth and final menu provides access to past publications, lesser known accomplishments, a few special items, and several unique inventions. Alternatively, click on an image below. Throughout, I present professional information with a personal touch. You can expect a couple of stories to accompany the concepts within. Be sure to check out the "Selected Resources" further down this page.



For each SLIDESHOW, CLICK ON: to go to the previous or next slide and on to enlarge in full screen or view in SlideShare (some tables use small fonts). Here are my most recent consulting presentations.





EMERGING TECH (39 slides/10 videos)


For each VIDEO, CLICK ON: to play, then to enlarge, to adjust the volume, and to see the entire length (since about half of these videos are short excerpts from worthwhile longer presentations).


  • Changing Education Paradigms
  • Ken Robinson (11:40) LONG
  • Do schools kill creativity?
  • Ken Robinson (1:31)
  • MYTH of Learning Styles!
  • Tesia Marshik (1:27)
  • No child left untested
  • Ken Robinson (2:15)
  • Education needs revolution
  • Ken Robinson (2:10)


  • Re-imagining the workplace
  • Dave Coplin (9:05) LONG
  • Leadership: WHY, not What!
  • Simon Sinek (2:57)
  • Trust and Cooperation
  • Simon Sinek (2:11)
  • Talents of Great Leaders
  • Roselinde Torres (1:16)
  • Brain Rules: Bus/Ed design
  • John Medina (1:22)


  • Networked Complexity
  • Manuel Lima (10:57) LONG
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Forward Thinking (3:31)
  • 4D Printing (just add water)
  • Forward Thinking (3:53)
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Forward Thinking (4:24)
  • Interactive Medical Hologram
  • Microsoft HoloLens (2:36)

These APPS (for iPhone/iOS & Android/Play) are some that I have used to teach the subjects listed.

Human Resources Management

  • Organizational Enhancement, Training & Development


  • Facilitation & Theoretical Models

Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Trust & Communication

Education Technology

  • Emerging & Disruptive

Descriptive & Inferential Statistics

  • Parametric & Nonparametric

Research & Program Evaluation

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Methods

These selected resources represent some of the best I have seen on these topics. Please email me your ideas for others worth including. Thanks. You can find my email address on the footer below. Cheers.

My apologies for the mixed spelling in these webpages. I was born in the UK, grew up as a Canadian, and have worked mostly in the USA with some confusion about where I belong!

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